Every business needs seo

Search engine optimization (seo) is really just a jargon-y term for getting google to pay attention to you. make no mistake, getting your business’s website onto the first page of google will NOT happen by accident or over night.

first of all, seo is not a magic bullet. if your website isn’t user-friendly, your branding doesn’t resonate with your target audience, and you’re not investing in high quality web content, all the seo work in the world won’t bring in more clients. that’s why we look at your whole business with our web design and digital marketing work so your seo, branding, and UX are all working towards the same goals.

how do we do seo for clients?

the first step is always doing a comprehensive seo audit of your existing website — what’s working? what’s not working? and where are there are gaps that we can fill in? the next step is creating a detailed seo strategy and working with the client to ensure we’re on the same page with keyword goals. after strategy comes execution, we do search engine optimizing in the back-end and front-end of your website to make sure every page is working towards your keyword goals. and finally, we measure the results and tweak our seo work as data comes in.

how long does seo take?

the upfront seo work takes a few months, we like to work with a client on seo for a minimum of three months so we have time to measure and adjust (aka “optimize”) the strategy once we have real-time data.

when will I see traffic coming from seo?

depending on some factors that are out of our hands, like the age of your website and backlinks, seeing results and traffic from seo takes 3-6 months. if your website is really old and has tons of high quality content, you’ll see results sooner. but most clients coming to us with a brand new website, won’t see a noticeable increase in traffic for about 6 months.

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