How to Create Your Own Instagram Landing Page on Squarespace

When sharing multiple links on Instagram, most people use tools like LinkTree or Link In Bio which create a gallery of buttons that can redirect to other external sites.

And while it’s convenient to only need one link on your profile instead of updating it with every post, there are a few downsides in using these third party platforms— the most memorable of which was in July 2018 when Instagram marked all LinkTree links as spam.

Not to mention:
👎 zero control over the branding of your landing page
👎 limited analytics to help you improve your social media strategy
👎 and the precious traffic and data that you’re giving away to other websites!

We’re always an advocate of having your own website and custom domain name, whether you’re starting a small business or you want to be a content creator growing your own personal brand.

With your own website, you can easily create your own Instagram landing page! Here’s how to do it on Squarespace.


Note: For this tutorial you’ll need your own Squarespace website already all set up. If you need help with that, we offer a free consultation here.

Login to your Squarespace account, go to your website, and click Pages.


Scroll down, and beside the “Not Linked” section, click the + button, then select “Blank Page”.


Name the new page “Instagram”—or pick any name you’d like!


Click the “Edit” button on the upper left corner, then “Add Section”, then click “Add Blank”.


Hover your cursor until you see a blue line with a little plus sign. Click on that to add a new element to this webpage, then select “Button”.


In the pop-up option, customize the text that will appear on your button, and add the link you want it to go to. Add however many buttons you need—but not too many or you’ll risk overwhelming your followers! Three to five buttons is a good amount.


When you’re done, click Done > Save in the upper left corner.


Go to your Instagram profile and update your link to go to your new landing page.


And that’s it! With your own landing page you can now see how many people clicked on your Instagram link, and which links performed the best. You also no longer need to update the link in your Instagram profile because it’s all here already.

Let us know on our Instagram and Facebook if this tutorial was helpful! If you need help with your social media marketing, feel free to drop us a line here.


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