Social media that engages.

Where would we be as a digital agency without social media? With 13+ years managing social media accounts for businesses, this has been our bread and butter since before Instagram was even invented. With so many voices on social media, your business needs to cut through the digital noise in order to reach your ideal customer. This is what we love to do.

Social media advice every business needs:

  1. Approach your social media from a goal-oriented perspective. How will a Twitter or Instagram account actually affect your bottom line? 

  2. Know who you’re trying to reach. Who are your clients? What platforms are they on? How do they like businesses to engage with them on social media? And what will make them unfollow you super fast?

  3. What social media platform is the best for your business? If you’re not a visual business, don’t fill up your Instagram profile with stock photos -- just don’t be on Instagram. If the thought of tweeting feels inauthentic to your business -- Twitter isn’t right for you. There is a right social media platform for every business, and so many wrong ones.

These three points are just the beginning of your social media strategy, we can help you figure these out OR if you’re ready to hit the ground running with some of our social media services then so are we!

Social Media Services:

>> Create, post & schedule content

>> Monitor the conversation in your industry

>> Engage with your customers and fans

>> Convert followers into customers

>> Analytics & reporting

>> Sentiment analysis (social listening)

>> Shoppable social media